Trained as an International NLP Trainer, NLP is my biggest source of inspiration. NLP is unique in its interventions to bring about lasting changes in behaviour. NLP has modelled excellent communication and has the belief that “if someone else can do it, then I can learn it also”. NLP makes you aware of ‘how you do what you do’.

Furthermore, I’m inspired by these concepts and people:

  • Covey; The seven habits of highly effective people
  • Richard Brandson; The Virgin Way
  • Paul Arden; Whatever you think, think the opposite
  • Anthony Robbins, Giant Steps
  • Stoic living; Free is the one who lives the way he wants
  • Buber; Thy an I. Only when you learn to listen to understand, instead of listening to react, there will be contact and mutual influence
  • Buddhism; The 8-fold path. There is a way out of suffering
  • My children; my most important teachers in my life!